Anna-Radha Ghiraw is a born global citizen with entrepreneurship running through her veins. She started her adventurous journey with baby steps in the fashion industry. During her school period she in fact started off as a model, after which Anna- Radha worked at editorial office COSMO Girl, where she discovered her passion for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

To incorporate her passion in her daily life Anna- Radha picked up on the Bachelor (Cross- Media) Communication, Marketing and New Media. After completing this chapter in her life, Anna- Radha gained sufficient handles to start out her own online magazine www.alyzofashionnews.com. Three years after the launch Anna- Radha built up a huge following base who wanted to know the face behind this thrilling online magazine. 

That’s why Anna- Radha started her own personal blog www.Annaradha.com: to share and show her fanbase how fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel are incorporated in Anna- Radha’s life. Anna- Radha works towards an online empire of her own.

Above all Anna- Radha sets out to inspire the everyday woman to be the best version of herself, each and every day!