Why this are the 5 painful social media mistakes

Why this are the 5 painful social media mistakes

Hi beautiful followers, just updated your FB status? And posted that amazing pic on Instagram? Well, I was looking around on some social media channels and found some serious social media don’ts.  To prevent you from making these mistakes I named some for you here below. Take a look, and be aware!

1. Addresses
You probably think, obviously. But did you know geotags (for example on Instagram) can give away your home and/or work address. Even on FB, if you don’t pay attention your location is given away.

2. Kids
Well, if there is any moment you should pay a lot of attention is when your posting photos of children, especially if they’re not your own. Make sure you always get permission. And most important of all, never ever mention the school they’re going to.

3. Vacation
I know you’re excited, finally a vacation and you want everyone to know it. But trust me, you don’t want robbers to know, so that’s why you shouldn’t spread vacation details all over the web.

4. Finances
It’s amazing how some people make pictures of their credit cards. Like, what do you want to proof? But far more important is to be careful giving away details. Like your income range or the bank you’re holding your finances.

5. Photos
In particular private photos, I would like to believe you’re not a sex freak posting nude pictures all over social media. But well, you might direct message. And that’s still a bad idea. No one is to be trusted, especially a guy who you think you can trust, can turn out to be a jerk.

This were the five social media don’ts I noticed, if you’ve more definitely let me know! It’s really important to keep these tips in mind. Privacy is rare nowadays, so make sure you own yours☺.

Anna- Radha Ghiraw


  • Nikki zegt:

    So true! Great tips, it’s important that people understand this!


  • Kira zegt:

    It’s great that you mention this, there should be more people knowing this.
    Your blog is great!

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